Photobooth Marryoke


Just imagine combining the memories from a photo booth, with the fun and laughter of Karaoke. Now you can. Simply ask your guests to put on their wigs, hats or other props, pick up their inflatable guitars and step into the Marryoke booth.


Photobooth Marryoke

All they then have to do is sing their hearts out, karaoke style to one of your chosen songs on the touchscreen. Your Marryokebooth will then video each fun packed, earsplitting second as they let themselves get carried away with the music.

As each group sing their hearts out the booth will store their videos and the end of your event the really clever bit kicks in.

For each group that sings the same song, your booth will automatically create a mash-up of each group giving it their all to that chosen song.

You will then get on a USB, not only each full length video but also the mash-up of each of the songs chosen.

Remember this will absolutely be the raw un-edited funtastic moments captured in your Marryokebooth that you can walk away with on the day and share with your friends, relatives, colleagues or other guests.