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When you’re at an event with guests wearing their finest frocks, it’s important to ensure pictures taken capture those full length outfits. The Magic Photo Mirror does just that. With a camera set at eye level height, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth can capture a full length photo of either an individual, or of a group of friends. Guests use the large touch screen to initiate the camera and can take several photos in one using the multiple shot option or nail your best shot first time using the single shot option.Guests can use the on screen paint pad to add personality to their prints. Pick a colour and either leave a signature, write a message, or if your feeling artistic, draw a picture. There are a selection of emojis to choose to add as stamps.

Magic Mirror Hire Basingstoke, Hampshire, Reading, Southampton, Alton
Magic Mirror

After taking single or multiple photos, you can sign photos with a message or with your name. Sign photos using the touch screen, mirror booth paint brush, or add a variety of stamps.

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth captures a full length head to toe image. Stand as close or as far away as you need to to take fit as many people in the picture as possible.

Magic Mirror

Choose to have one full length portrait 6×4″ print or have multiple portraits on one print. You can choose in the settings of the Magic Mirror Booth how you want multiple prints to be laid out. Before your event, customise your photos to include a message of your choice

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